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Starting from the linguistic aspects, in the Arabic language, the word kafala Kafala, which means sponsorship in Arabic, is the system through which migrant workers are given a visa to work in a number of Gulf countries including Qatar. It ties workers to the employers sponsoring them, by requiring workers to get employers’ permission to leave the country or change jobs, a system that has lent itself to abusive and exploitative practices such as withholding wages or In Qatar, the kafala system is partially responsible for the use of slave-like labor in the construction of World Cup stadiums and other large projects. Workers labor in the extreme heat, with long hours and few breaks. Qatar is ending its labour sponsorship system for foreign workers, described as modern-day slavery.

Kafala system qatar

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The 1 dag sedan · The Kafala system requires migrant workers to have a sponsor in the country of employment to get a visa and worker Qatar, and Bahrain. “As I have said before, the Filipino is not a slave Over 90% of Qatar’s workforce are migrant workers, brought to the country under kafala, the ‘sponsorship’ system. 1. It is a foreign worker sponsorship programme that jeopardises basic human rights of migrant workers, allowing slavery-like conditions to flourish leaving thousands vulnerable to forced labor and other human rights abuses.

Duterte said he welcomes the reform initiatives of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and, of course, Bahrain that would improve the working conditions of Filipino migrant workers.

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Stemming from principles on how states should provide hospitality for foreign guests, Kafala is the key institution defining the rights of the two main parties: the sponsor or employer and the foreign sponsored migrant or employee. Qatar to End Kafala System Next January. What is Kafala? In the Kafala system, migrant workers are sponsored by their employers.

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In Qatar,  Jun 8, 2017 When Ranjit Kumar Sah finished his schooling in Nepal, Qatar was the For years, Qatar instituted a particularly onerous kafala system, which  Dec 13, 2016 Qatar's kafala system, which is used to recruit a majority of its workforce from countries, including India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, has prompted  Mar 9, 2020 The authorities have abolished the sponsorship system, which bound employees to employers, as well as introduced a minimum wage of  qatar Labour exploitation in the Qatari context is inextricably linked to migrant work, The kafala system regulates the relationship between employers and  Sep 2, 2020 Before this historic move, under Qatar's "kafala" (Arabic word for sponsorship) system, expats in Qatar had to get their employers' permission - a  Oct 17, 2019 Kafala is a sponsorship system which prevents migrant workers from moving jobs or leaving the country without the express permission of their  Oct 18, 2019 Qatar has announced sweeping reforms to its labour market, with a ruling to end the kafala system, marking a momentous step forward in  The Kafala System. February 27 2018. In 2022, the World Cup is set to be held in Qatar, making the Persian Gulf country the first Middle Eastern, Arad, or Muslim  Oct 18, 2019 Photo Credit: Qatar Airways. The bay of Doha, Qatar, by day. But if Qatar's decision to abolish the Kafala system sounds all too familiar then you  Apr 14, 2016 Immigration in the Arabian Gulf is governed by the kafāla (sponsorship) system, which provides the legal basis for the residency and  Nov 10, 2019 The “Kafala” system (“sponsorship”) is the framework by which low-paid migrant workers, particularly in the domestic and construction sectors,  QATAR: Government Abolishes “Kafala” Labour System. December 16, 2016. Qatar has formally announced the end of its labour sponsorship system that  Oct 16, 2019 Qatar: pledge to end abusive 'kafala' system must lead to real change · Under notorious sponsorship scheme, migrant workers cannot change  Qatar is a peninsula in the east of Arabia, bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, in a strategic location near major petroleum deposits.

Employees with indefinite term contracts can move to another employer after working a minimum of five years with the first employer.
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Kafala system qatar

Workers with definite term job contracts can change their employment and sign new contracts if they wish so at the end of the contract period Despite regional and culture differences, Persian Gulf countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are bound together by their use of the kafala system.

Since then, Bahrain has abolished its kafala The kafala system is a system used to monitor migrant laborers, working primarily in the construction and domestic sectors in Gulf Cooperation Council member states and a few neighbouring countries, namely Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 2021-04-15 · Qatar’s government has proposed making it easier for expats to leave the country and change jobs, but has stopped short of abolishing a system of exit visas and no-objection certificates for its foreign workforce. Despite important reforms to the kafala sponsorship system, migrant workers in Qatar are still tied to their employers who act as their official “sponsor” (kafeel) from the moment they enter the country and throughout their employment.
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2014-05-14 The kafala (sponsorship) system is present in many other countries besides Qatar and has long been criticized as an enabler of modern slavery. It ties migrant workers’ immigration status to their employer, meaning that a worker cannot change jobs or even leave the country unless they get approval from their employer, including abusive ones.

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Cautious Optimism as Qatar Passes Kafala System Reforms into Law. Humanity United joins our partners and colleagues in welcoming the Government of Qatar’s announcement of the passage into law of significant reforms to the country’s foreign worker sponsorship (kafala) system and in calling for these reforms to be quickly and effectively implemented. 2021-03-14 · The kafala system previously tied workers to their employers, Qatar, and the UAE. Read more: Saudi Arabia announces conditions for new labor reforms set to improve kafala system . With only 313,000 citizens, Qatar’s swift modernization has depended on over 2.3 million foreign workers, mostly from Asian and African countries, who worked under the kafala system.