Vilket är det bästa snipergeväret? - Sidan 4 - Flashback Forum


Vilket är det bästa snipergeväret? - Sidan 4 - Flashback Forum

Following in the Coriolanian tradition, Simo displayed a real knack and passion for farming, taking to the life with a vigor undeterred by the extreme difficulty imposed by the work and the climate. Se hela listan på Below we present the story of probably the most successful sniper in history – the Finnish soldier Simo Häyhä, baptized by his enemies as “White Death”. During the winter war between Finland and the USSR between 1939 and 1940, Simo shot over 500 Red Army soldiers using mainly a simple sniper rifle. The answer is yes, he only used iron sights and no, he never used a scope. Let me quote what I wrote in answer to Who can be considered as the greatest sniper of all time? Simo Häyhä var krypskytt under vinterkriget och han var enligt krypskyttemått mätt en mycket duktig sådan. På tre månader i strid lär han, under vintern 1940 ha dödat över 500 ryska 2009-11-13 · When this shot also hit its intended target, proving that Plunkett is just one badass marksman, he looked back to his line to see the impressed faces of the others in the 95th Rifles.

Simo hayha longest shot

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I chose Simo Hayha from Finland. Carlos Hathcock (The White Feather) Simo Hayha (The White Death) Carlos Hathcock: 93 Confirmed Kills 1. It was said that he fired the most famous shot in history. Firing a round at a very long distance through the scope of an enemy sniper killing him.

17:25  Simo estimated in his private war-time diary that he shot around 500. Häyhä's diary, which covers his experiences in the Winter War from 30 November 1939 to 13 March 1940, was accidentally found by those who had studied Häyhä's war history; it had been hidden for decades.

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Simo Häyhä (1905 – 2002) is the most famous sniper in the world. both for the total number of confirmed kills, and for the longest shot resulting in a kill: 2,100  27 Feb 2012 Simo Häyhä was born in Rautjärvi ("Ironlake") December 17, 1905 and He was the ace of his shooting team and won numerous trophies at  2 Jan 2012 Longest shot was a 2,100-yard strike against a man armed with a The most kills: Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper, holds the record with 542  1 Mar 2017 The Austrian sniper hold the record of the longest kill shot (1,100 meters, roughly 1,200 yards) Simo Hayha: The World's Deadliest Sniper 25 Oct 2012 The longest record for an officially confirmed sniper kill is held by British Simo Hayha (December 17, 1905-April 1, 2002) joined the Finnish  25 Aug 2017 SAS Snipers on a military shooting range outside of Christchurch.

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Se hela listan på Simo ”Simuna” Häyhä, född 17 december 1905 i Rautjärvi, död 1 april 2002 i Fredrikshamn, kallad Valkoinen kuolema, ”Vita döden”, var en finländsk soldat under Finska vinterkriget där han gått till världshistorien som den mest effektiva prickskytten någonsin. Beroende på källa sköt Häyhä mellan 500 och 742 sovjetiska fiender de 105 dagar kriget varade. Häyhä påstås ha varit känd av den sovjetiska Röda arméns soldater som Belaja Smert, "Den vita döden". Simo Häyhä, also known as “The White Death,” was a Finnish soldier who currently holds the record of most confirmed kills of any sniper ever. In 1939, at the dawn of World War 2, Josef Stalin made bold a move to invade Finland. He sent half a million men across Russia’s western’s border. Tens of thousands of lives were lost.

Med Facebook kan du dela ditt liv med This is Simo Hayha the history He used his rifle only 31 other Finns He was shot in the face with – popular memes on the site Társai kimentették szorult helyzetéből, és Simo Häyhä alig egy héttel később már szolgálatra jelentkezett volna, ha tud hova. A derekasan küzdő finnek nem bírtak tovább ellenállni a túlerőnek, 1940. március 13-án Moszkvában aláírták a békeszerződést, amivel jelentős területeket és kikötőket voltak kénytelenek átadni a kommunista nagyhatalomnak.
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Simo hayha longest shot


Simo Hayha was a Finnish soldier and sniper who killed 505 soldiers of Soviet Army during Winter War between Finland and Soviet Russia.
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In the municipality of Rautjärvi near the Soviet/Finnish border, 34-year-old Simo Häyhä was a farmer and hunter leading a flagrantly unexciting life. Upon news of the hostilities, he gathered up food, plain white camouflage, and his iron-sighted SAKO M/28-30⁠—a variant of the Soviet Mosin-Nagant rifle⁠—and went to defend his country. Finally on March 6th, 1940, some lucky bastard shot Hayha in the head with an exploding bullet. When some other soldiers found him and brought him back to base, he "had half his head missing." The White Death had finally been stopped..for about a week.

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However, on 6 th March 1940, when the Soviets were randomly directing artillery fire at the area where they thought Simo Häyhä was camping, they managed to get a lucky shot with an explosive round, which hit Häyhä in the jaw. The impact of the hit knocked Häyhä unconscious, and he fell into a coma for eleven days, waking up on the day the But one sniper that stands above them all is a diminutive hunter/farmer from Finland—Simo Hayha, a. k. a. “The White Death.” Simo Hayha (December 17, 1905-April 1, 2002) joined the Finnish militia when he was 20 years old. Hayha averaged just over five kills per day, at a time of year with very few daylight hours. He was known to keep snow in his mouth whilst sniping, to reduce steamy breaths which would give away his position in the cold air.